I made a music video with my friend a few years back for Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts 2. Can you believe 2 years on KH2 still hasen't come out in the UK, ok so ive mentioned this before but its really getting on my nerves now. Anyway me and my friend decided to combine our love 4 all things Evanescence with all things Square Enix (well Kh and AC) and after some stressfull exams we decided to throw ourselves into the equally stressfull world of video editing and come out with this strange video. Well enjoy! 


Kingdom Hearts 2

Ok so this is my 1st post on this journal it shall be as random as possible.
Yay I finally pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 2 but why does it have to be released in the UK so late...I mean we still get the US version anyway. Arrrgh and I had to listen 2 people saying such things as "wow its the greatest game ever" which made me ever so slightly annoyed. So now I only have to wait 11 days (give or take a day for delivery and stuff)

Cap'n Jack Sparrow will be in it too! yay!

gah it looks so good I can't wait!
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